Formulas for Fetal Weight Estimation by Ultrasound Measurements based on Neonatal Specific Gravities and Volumes

Norio Shinozuka, Takashi Okai, Shiro Kohzuma, Masaaki Mukubo,
Chen-Ting Shih, Tsugio Maeda, Yoshinori Kuwabara, Masahiko Mizuno

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 157:1140-5,1987

To improve the accuracy of fetal weight estimation by ultrasound measurement, especially in low birth weight infants, including those With intrauterine growth retardation, two new formulas were developed from a new point of view. The formulas were established by (1 ) actual measurements of the volumes of the neonatal head and trunk with limbs, (2) analysis of the relationship between the sizes of the parts of the fetal body measured by ultrasound examination before birth and the volumes of the parts of the neonatal body, and (3) calculation of the specific gravities of the parts of the neonatal body. The prospective study showed a high correlation between estimated weights and actual birth weights with a small range of error in infants weighing between 450 and 4300 gm.
Keywords Fetal weight estimation, ultrasound, specific gravity, intrauterine growth retardation


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